Helping small to mid-sized business owners grow their business’ bottom-line through content that  converts visitors to leads to clients…

Dear Small/Mid Business Owner

Get commercial content that is:

Written According To Your Exact Requirement
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Fresh and Unique Content
Quick Turnaround Time

As a smart business owner, you want to tell your story in a way that will give you the best and fastest results in new customer acquisition, retaining existing customers and maximizing all current customers.

Because doing this will result in increased cashflow and profitability.

By generating a marketing strategy relevant and tailormade to your business, we ensure that you don’t waste your hard-earned money on marketing that does not bring in the desired results.

Thanks for your interest in my lead generation copywriting services…

I help SMEs with content that gets the fastest results in new customer acquisition, retaining existing customers and maximizing all current customers

You’re probably reading this out of curiosity. Some people do…especially those who’ve never hired a freelance copywriter before.

But, more likely, you need a good business-to-business or direct response copywriter. Someone who combines writing skills and sales ability with product knowledge.

Whatever your reason, you want to know more about a writer before you hire them.

I’ve tried to answer some questions you might have right here.


I’m able to communicate persuasively. And in the language your prospects and customers speak. Language that gets them to take action.

Action that ultimately leads to building your business. Increasing your bottom line.

I use time-tested, proven methods and techniques of direct response copywriting to generate leads for your business through:

I’m a graduate of the American Writers and Artists Incorporated’s direct response course. I’ve also taken specialist courses in B2B Lead Generation. (AWAI is the industry leader in copywriter training)

I’m also a member of the Professional Writers’ Association.

Qualifications are more than just training credentials. Sales experience, perspectives and people skills, help strengthen the copy that I write.


Before I become a freelancer, I was part of a founding team for a Non-Profit Organization. A registered financial service provider, and a web-based business.

Most important to you, I am a business-to-business, lead generation copy specialist.

Writing business-to-business and lead generation copy isn’t something I do to pass time.

It’s my bread and butter.

So, I put all my skills, knack and know-how into every piece of copy I write.


It means you get to work with someone who is dependable and easy to work with.

Someone who doesn’t need a lot of hand-holding…who can hit the ground running on your project.


That’s easy!

Simply sent your email to the email address below.

Then – Tell me a bit about your project.

I’ll get back to you with a few questions that will help me understand your project. And determine if we are a good fit for each other.

When you give me the go-ahead, I’ll write the assignment for you. You’ll receive your copy on or before the deadline.

So… why not try my service for your next project? I promise you’ll be delighted with the results.

Kind regards,

Minenhle Mbokazi

Lead Gen Specialist

P.S. If you have an immediate need – call me right now at 27791364628 or email me at to discuss your job. I’ll give you a cost estimate – no obligation to buy.